The Problem
Balu is a wonderful restaurant in Bogota, Colombia. The restaurant is family owned and was founded by a young graduate out of the culinary program in the prestigious Culinary Academy of Bogota. The restaurant's first home was in the plaza of a gas station, and it was here that it grew a strong and consistent customer base. By only using locally grown ingredients, it has gained popularity quickly and has recently decided to move locations to a beautiful home style restaurant. The old brand was very bold and hard and didn't reflect Balu's hand crafted recipes. The class and quality of their food wasn't evident from their wordmark and a rebrand was the way to go.
The Solution
The wordmark was created to reflect Balu's promise to be hands on with their meals, ingredients and customers. They believe in great customer service and making everyone feel like they're part of a family. The restaurant's visitors have grown by 38% since the rebrand and location change and more are flocking the farm as the newly built barn now houses goats that provide entertainment and milk! Photography and social media was also addressed, along with redesigning their menu to serve as the placemat. 
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