The Problem
Users of D2L expressed the need of something that would allow them to tell a story using character and present scenarios and situations that the users could observe and learn from. The didn't want something that was hard to edit and figure out, but something that offered a seamless transition from any other type of course content. 
The Solution
A team was created of a developer, myself as the Graphic Designer and a Product Designer. Together we interviewed clients on their problems with achieving their goals and needs for this new offering and created low fidelity mock ups to test out different hypothesises we had about the user flow and user experience. This project spanned the course of a few moths. I led client interviews and asked them non-leading questions to optain unbiased and real user feedback to continue to develop a better solution. By doing small iterations on the design we arrived at a final solution that is visible in the tool offered today. 
Wireframes and User Interviews
I conducted user interviews and exposed them to low fidelity wireframes and prototypes that changed every couple of days as more interviews were conducted. This helped shape the design of the final product and allowed the developer and I to make educated decisions when adding or removing features
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